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Activity Logs

- Doubles Trade: redspottedpurpleadmirals05, goldenhamsters12 & leafyseadragons01 for maincooncats20, toucans05 & secretarybirds18.
- Mastered redcardinals: clownfish08, clownfish12, camarguehorses03, leafyseadragons01, cotonsdetulear20, owls16, & squirrels03.
- Currency (2 ravens, 4 falcons): sealions04, redspottedpurpleadmirals05, snowyowls06, goldenhamsters12, redcardinals03, redcardinals09, redcardinals12 & redcardinals19.
- March 31st Update: bombays02, bombays17, dartmoorponies07 & dartmoorponies20.
- Doubles Trade: clownfish17 for triggerfish02.
- Doubles Trade: compassjellyfish01, lakelandterriers19, miniaturepinschers19 & whippets01 for pomeranians12, sheep03, clownfish17 & icelandichorses16.
- Doubles Trade: ragamuffincats09, tonkinesecats06, tabbycats03, blackcats16 & leafyseadragons14 for lakelandterriers19, miniaturepinschers19, whippets01, bluelacies17 & sloths14.
- Pick a random: pumas03, compassjellyfish01 & raven.
- Spin The Wheel: ragamuffincats09, tonkinesecats06, tabbycats03 & blackcats16.
- War: cloudedleopards06, leafyseadragons14, kingcobras15 & falcon.

- War: seahorses08, tasmaniandevils15, blackrhinoceros12 & falcon.
- Slots: tabbycats04, doves12, wheatenterriers03 & secretarybirds08.

- Memory: brownbears07, afghantortoises14, tabbycats07, mf-carnivores09 & raven.
- Upcoming Decks Vote: mantarays06, sealions14 & adders15.
- Card Claim: bombays05 & dartmoorponies05.
- Card Claim: beagles16 & cotonsdetulear09.
- Currency Freebies: falcon & falcon.
- Freebies: monarchbutterflies12 & weimaraner06.

- Doubles Trade: llamas06 for wheatenterriers08.
- Doubles Trade: ladybugs08 & jaguars19 for borneanorangutans04 & llamas06.
- Doubles Trade: kingpenguins13, chinchillas01 & ants17 for kookaburras18, ladybugs08 & jaguars19.
- Doubles Trade: elephants04, moose13, goldenhamsters16, doves17, commonstarfish18, baldeagles01, alaskanmalamutes18, mustangs13, komododragons14 & brownbears03 for hyenas02, hyenas07, chinchillas01, ants17, easterncottontails02, yellowtang20, sheep05, tonkinesecats19, aplomadofalcons08 & hummingbirds03.
- Doubles trade:goldeneagles20, coconutcrabs07, pembrokewelshcorgi14, asianelephants04, cows12, blackswans09, redsquirrels16, loggerheadturtles12, owls19 & canaandogs14 for greywolves01, penguins14, dwarfflyingsquirrels18, redspottedpurpleadmirals20, englishbulldogs01, calicocats07, brownbears03, fancymice13, wilsonsbirdofparadise01 & kingpenguins13.
- Mastered flamingos: redcardinals06, redcardinals13, africanwilddogs20, sloths09, triggerfish03, mustangs13 & komododragons14.
- Currency (6 ravens, 3 falcons): goldeneagles17, tigers11, corals18, moose13, burrowingowls02, whippets10, goldenhamsters16, lakelandterriers19, doves17, commonstarfish18, baldeagles01, platypuses07, flamingos01, flamingos09 & flamingos15.
- March 24th Update: babyrabbits02.
- March 17th Update: dwarfflyingsquirrels16, dwarfflyingsquirrels02, duelmenwildponies10 & duelmenwildponies17.
- Hangman: elephants04, goldeneagles12, grizzlybears03, sp-babytigers09 & raven.
- Black Jack: moose18, australianshepherds02, blackmambas03, sp-halloween04 & raven.
- Guess the number: canaandogs14, hyacinthmacaws215, raven & falcon.
- Card Puzzle: camels04, sp-babydeer10 & raven.
- Tic Tac Toe: rabbits17, borneanorangutans09 & loggerheadturtles12.
- Spin the Wheel: painthorses19, barbhorses15, americanqhorses14 & icelandichorses12.
- Slots: manxcats12, blackswans09, seahorses20 & redsquirrels16.
- Memory: flamingos11, cows12, owls03, sp-babygrayfoxes04 & raven.
- Upcoming Decks Vote: coconutcrabs07, pembrokewelshcorgi14 & asianelephants04.
- Card Claim: emperormoths17 & hornedpuffins04.
- Currency Freebies: raven & falcon.
- Freebies: goldeneagles20 & cotonsdetulear14.

- Doubles Trade: emperorpenguins04 & scarletmacaws20 for emperordragonflies13 & shihtzus15.
- Doubles Trade: miniaturepinschers10, lions08, yellowtang14 & muteswans14 for coconutcrabs18, emperorpenguins04, doves15 & scarletmacaws20.
- Doubles Trade: calicocats02, americanshorthaircats12, goldenhamsters12 & lynxes15 for miniaturepinschers10, lions08, yellowtang14 & muteswans14.
- Doubles Trade: californiacondors16, australianshepherds08, grizzlybears11, kingfishers14, leopards15, sealions08 & basilisks01 for calicocats02, americanshorthaircats12, goldenhamsters12, brownbears10, mexicanrustlegtarantulas01, imperialeagles17 & lynxes15.
- Mastered goldenretrievers: flamingos04, flamingos06, fancymice02, americankestrels10, czechwolfdogs15, redspottedpurpleadmirals10 & basilisks01.
- Currency (7 ravens, 1 falcons, 1 buzzards): imperialeagles14, californiacondors16, australianshepherds08, bobcats19, grizzlybears11, kingfishers14, parsonschameleons03, brownbears03, tigerswallowtails19, mexicanredkneetarantulas07, squirrels04, westies10, leopards15, imperialeagles07, americanqhorses05, chinchillas16, sealions08, moose13, platypuses06, goldenretrievers04, goldenretrievers06 & goldenretrievers19.
- Doubles Trade: kodiakbears17 & firesalamanders13 for basenjis05 & icelandichorses09.
- Doubles Trade: englishcockerspaniel10, snowleopards18, asianelephants04, afghantortoises08, komododragons07 & asianelephants14 for kodiakbears17, ferrets12, tawnyowls12, peacockspiders08, firesalamanders13 & triggerfish08.
- Doubles Trade: sunparakeets18, clownfish01, kingpenguins12, asianelephants20, kodiakbears12, ladybugs08, easterncottontails18, americankestrels20, peacockbutterflies07 & axolotls12 for mouflons10, wombats01, camarguehorses10, alaskanmalamutes10, redcardinals17, baldeagles03, canaandogs14, snowyowls02, bobcats16 & fieldgrasshoppers18.
- March 9th Update: sp-babysloths04.
- March 3rd Update: fieldgrasshoppers20, mexicanrustlegtarantulas10, peacockspiders07 & shorthornedchameleons18.
- Hangman: scarletmacaws20, pumas02, asianelephants14, sp-halloween01 & raven.
- Black Jack: afghantortoises08, kangaroos07, komododragons07, sp-babysloths06 & raven.
- Guess the number: emperorscorpions03, asianelephants04, raven & raven.
- Card Puzzle: czechwolfdogs01, sp-babyredfoxes06 & raven.
- Tic Tac Toe: englishcockerspaniel10, herringgulls19 & snowleopards18.
- Go Fish: iberianlynxes19.
- Pick a random: weimaraner18 & falcon.
- Spin the Wheel: axolotls18, tomatofrogs07, tomatofrogs05 & axolotls12.
- War: blackpanthers12, peacockbutterflies07, doves17 & falcon.
- Slots: ladybugs08, easterncottontails18, mountaingazelles09 & americankestrels20.
- Memory: calicocats02, blackswans13, hedgehogs14, sp-babywolves10 & raven.
- Upcoming Decks Vote: kodiakbears12, kerryblueterrier10 & mf-carnivores02.
- Melting Pot: exchanged in afghantortoises01 for miniaturepinschers03.
- Melting Pot: exchanged in aardvarks01 for blueyellowmacaws15.
- Card Claim: atlanticpuffins17 & cotonsdetulear10.

- Currency Freebies: raven & falcon.
- Donating Images: basenjis02, clownfish01, alpacas04, blackwidowspiders17, kingpenguins12, weasels06, asianelephants20, toucans06, gerbils04 & flamingos13.
- Freebies: butterflies13 & sunparakeets18.

- Doubles Trade: chihuahuas19, whalesharks03, guineapigs03 & hedgehogs01 for prairiedogs06, chihuahuas16, mustangs17 & greywolves12.
- Doubles Trade: kangaroos05, hornedpuffins09, otters19, fennecfoxes10, deer18, humpbackwhales05, sheep15 & leopards10 for chinchillas15, redspottedpurpleadmirals11, chihuahuas19, whalesharks03, seals11, guineapigs03, hedgehogs01 & bobcats05.
- Doubles Trade: ragamuffincats06, porcupines12, sheep15, flamingos10, tonkinesecats15, wheatenterriers14, africanelephants16, kingpenguins07, hummingbirds12 & kingpenguins08 for deer18, atlanticpuffins08, kingfishers14, bats03, butterflies01, spectacledowls07, pharaohhounds18, humpbackwhales05, sheep15 & leopards10.
- Mastered otters: goldenretrievers05, goldenretrievers17, scarletmacaws06, hornedpuffins09, blueyellowmacaws12, otters19 & fennecfoxes10.
- Currency (10 ravens, 1 falcons, 1 buzzards): weimaraner20, hummingbirds05, blackmambas16, budgerigars03, cloudedleopards09, blackneckedswans14, ants01, fennecfoxes08, pumas13, scottishterriers20, mantarays13, britishspottedponies06, kingpenguins07, hummingbirds12, yellowtang11, budgerigars08, toucans03, kingpenguins08, tigerswallowtails12, kangaroos05, asianelephants14, mouflons19, goldeneagles19, lemurleaffrogs06, lynxes01, otters04, otters10 & otters12.
- Hangman: ragamuffincats03, toucans16, burrowingowls07, sp-babypolarbears02 & raven.
- Black Jack: americanqhorses04, blackcaimans14, africanelephants16, create-cute02 & raven.
- Guess the number: afghantortoises01, americanakitas17, raven & raven.
- Card Puzzle: porcupines03, sp-babycheetahs06 & raven.
- Tic Tac Toe: czechwolfdogs18, okapis13 & scarletmacaws09.
- Go Fish: owls19 & barbhorses04.
- Pick a random: sp-babypenguins08, sp-babyfennecfoxes04, sp-babywolves10 & raven.
- Spin the Wheel: goldenretrievers03, whippets01, wheatenterriers07 & wheatenterriers14.
- Slots: atlanticpuffins16, americanshorthaircats14, flamingos10 & tonkinesecats15.
- Memory: icelandichorses18, shihtzus11, kingpenguins15, sp-babyarcticfoxes04 & raven.
- Upcoming Decks Vote: cavalierspaniels01, caterpillars05 & sheep15.
- Card Claim: cavalierspaniels09 & emperormoths02.
- Card Claim: prairiedogs08 & goldenretrievers15.
- Currency Freebies: raven, raven, falcon & raven.
- Freebies: ragamuffincats06, porcupines12, grizzlybears11 & calicocats12.

- Doubles Trade: mustangs08, axolotls05, squirrels20, miniaturepinschers04 & africanelephants06 for grayfoxes03, pinemartens06, redspottedpurpleadmirals13, porcupines06 & australianshepherds09.
- Doubles Trade: chihuahuas20, whitetigers14, englishcockerspaniel06, ladybugs08, squirrels02, redcardinals20, herringgulls10, ragamuffincats02, bengaltigers08 & raccoons12 for hippopotamus14, africanelephants06, rosechafers10, monarchbutterflies14, easternchipmunks14, bengalcats15, tabbycats04, tonkinesecats07, raccoons18 & canaandogs13.
- Mastered humpbackwhales: otters09, otters14, squirrels20, redadmirals04, platypuses05, herringgulls07 & miniaturepinschers04.
- Currency (9 ravens, 2 falcons): miniaturepinschers15, zebras20, bengaltigers08, raccoons12, doves18, americanakitas06, southerncassowaries09, deer01, mustangs08, chinchillas06, aardvarks05, affenpinschers20, apollobutterflies10, otters11, emperormoths09, hornedpuffins08, bats01, axolotls05, humpbackwhales02 & humpbackwhales10.
- February 15th Update: hyacinthmacaws210, hyacinthmacaws212, emperormoths15, emperormoths07 & sp-babyarcticfoxes08.
- Hangman: americanshorthaircats06, commonwasps01, ragamuffincats02, sp-halloween205 & raven.
- Black Jack: kingfishers15, malayantapir08, alaskanmalamutes12, sp-babygiraffes209 & raven.
- Guess the number: redcardinals20, herringgulls10, buzzard & buzzard.
- Card Puzzle: mouflons01, sp-babygiraffes201 & raven.
- Tic Tac Toe: kangaroos05, goldeneagles20 & squirrels02.
- Go Fish: roborovskihamsters12, blackcaimans03 & cheetahs16.
- Puzzle: ladybugs08, hyacinthmacaws11, hedgehogs02, mf-dogs07, raven & raven.
- Spin the Wheel: americanshorthaircats12, tonkinesecats11, manxcats04 & manxcats11.
- Slots: englishcockerspaniel06, akitainus06, tasmaniandevils02 & calicocats11.
- Memory: californiacondors16, axolotls09, peacockbutterflies07, sp-babyelephants09 & raven.
- Upcoming Decks Vote: caterpillars07, wombats05 & bluecheekedbeeeaters19.
- Melting Pot: exchanged in bluewingedwarblers02 for dolphins15.
- Card Claim: emperormoths03 & cotonsdetulear01.
- Card Claim: apollobutterflies04 & easterncottontails16.
- Currency Freebies: falcon, raven, raven & raven.
- Freebies: redpandas04, chihuahuas20, whitetigers14 & roborovskihamsters13.

- Doubles Trade: hedgehogs18 for wilsonsbirdofparadise17.
- Doubles Trade: jaguars20 for hedgehogs18.
- Doubles Trade: asianelephants17 for jaguars20.
- Doubles Trade: afghantortoises08, cavalierspaniels18, llamas01, emperordragonflies04, donkeys04, dolphins14, compassjellyfish20, parsonschameleons16, sheep02 & emperordragonflies09 for hippopotamus03, mexicanredkneetarantulas15, rabbits18, greywolves20, englishcockerspaniel10, weimaraner03, koalas13, compassjellyfish06, gerbils11 & monarchbutterflies02.
- Doubles Trade: kangaroos20, ladybugs09, emperordragonflies01, wolves16, mantarays20, cloudedleopards08, englishbulldogs03, lakelandterriers11, tigers03 & ostrich10 for compassjellyfish20, blackcaimans18, parsonschameleons16, scottishfoldcats10, beagles02, sheep02, weimaraner11, emperordragonflies09, asianelephants17 & kingcobras09.
- Doubles Trade: loggerheadturtles12, cheetahs13, owls01, wheatenterriers18, dolphins14, malayantapir11, moose03, redadmirals20, compassjellyfish01 & calicocats03 for basilisks01, redadmirals07, prairiedogs18, kakapos12, llamas01, emperordragonflies04, donkeys04, dolphins14, bengalcats13 & guineapigs19.
- Doubles Trade: squirrels20, sandlizards09, lions07, africanwilddogs13, alaskanmalamutes07, weasels20, blackpanthers10, basilisks13, goldenhamsters12 & muteswans19 for easterncottontails20, lakelandterriers11, tigers03, wilsonsbirdofparadise10, ostrich10, gerbils01, kingpenguins12, afghantortoises08, mexicanredkneetarantulas13 & cavalierspaniels18.
- Mastered arcticfoxes: humpbackwhales01, humpbackwhales06, blueyellowmacaws02, cloudedleopards08, orcas18, cavalierspaniels18 & englishbulldogs03.
- Currency (17 ravens, 2 falcons): honeybees06, seals08, cheetahs13, ragamuffincats18, owls01, wheatenterriers18, cheetahs04, dolphins14, maincooncats12, malayantapir11, englishbulldogs03, redspottedpurpleadmirals17, moose03, bobcats09, englishbulldogs05, wilsonsbirdofparadise14, blackrhinoceros04, snowyowls16, roborovskihamsters06, emperorpenguins17, commonstarfish15, australianshepherds13, redadmirals20, compassjellyfish01, calicocats03, kangaroos20, ladybugs09, imperialeagles16, painthorses12, emperordragonflies01, tasmaniandevils01, alaskanmalamutes06, wolves16, mantarays20, arcticfoxes08 & arcticfoxes14.
- February 8th Update: britishspottedponies10, britishspottedponies17, cotonsdetulear08 & cotonsdetulear18.
- January Freebies: sp-babypandas02, mothersday208 & create-green10.
- January Freebies: alaskanmalamutes09, redcardinals02, easterncottontails04, redfoxes04, redsquirrels04, emperorpenguins15, apollobutterflies05, loggerheadturtles15, teacuppigs08 & ferrets14.
- Hangman: muteswans19, loggerheadturtles12, scottishterriers10, sp-babyzebras05 & raven.
- Black Jack: blackmambas17, goldenhamsters12, polarbears08, sp-halloween206 & buzzard.
- Guess the number: gazelles15, basilisks13, raven & falcon.
- Card Puzzle: greywolves08, create-snow03 & raven.
- Tic Tac Toe: blackpanthers10, kangaroos08 & arcticfoxes12.
- Go Fish: meerkats17.
- Puzzle: commonstarfish04, weasels20, chihuahuas20, sp-babyporcupines06, raven & raven.
- Pick a random: mf-birds05, sp-babywolves01, sp-babyporcupines05 & raven.
- Spin the Wheel: englishcockerspaniel17, germanshepherds12, alaskanmalamutes07 & germanshepherds14.
- Slots: polarbears14, tomatofrogs17, ants17 & africanwilddogs13.
- Memory: whalesharks05, kangaroos01, lions07, sp-babyzebras08 & raven.
- Upcoming Decks Vote: commonwasps09, cloudedleopards17 & goldenhamsters12.
- Card Claim: cavalierspaniels07 & camarguehorses01.
- Card Claim: cavalierspaniels06 & ferrets11.
- Currency Freebies: raven, raven, falcon & falcon.
- Freebies: echidnas09, hummingbirds12, squirrels20 & sandlizards09.

- Doubles Trade: apollobutterflies07 & americanalligators08 for okapis07 & muteswans06.
- Doubles Trade: seals13, pharaohhounds20, axolotls11, tomatofrogs02, siberianhuskies17 & bobcats04 for redcardinals15, camels10, cavalierspaniels05, apollobutterflies07, bengaltigers14 & americanalligators08.
- February 4th Update: cavalierspaniels16, cavalierspaniels15, camarguehorses08, camarguehorses & sp-babydeer202.
- January 26th Update: pomeranians18, pomeranians13, americanqhorses08, barbhorses19 & sp-babyredfoxes204.

- January 19th Update: beagles19, beagles06, redspottedpurpleadmirals05, redspottedpurpleadmirals16 & sp-babygrayfoxes08.
- January 15th Update: redadmirals20, redadmirals05, redsquirrels16 & redsquirrels09.
- January 4th Update: dromedaries18, dromedaries11, scarletmacaws19 & scarletmacaws08.
- December 23rd Update: hornedpuffins01, hornedpuffins09, pipevineswallowtails04 & pipevineswallowtails17.
- December 15th Update: peacockbutterflies02, peacockbutterflies19, icelandichorses11, icelandichorses04 & sp-babygiraffes209.
- December 7th Update: arcticfoxes07, otters19, spectacledowls17, sp-babyowls03, humpbackwhales17, weasels01, pinemartens20, paperkitebutterflies12, monarchbutterflies04 & beagles03.
- Hangman: bobcats04, leopards04, moose20, sp-babysheep06 & raven.
- Black Jack: pipevineswallowtails03, emperordragonflies19, alpacas16, mf-dogs10 & raven.
- Guess the number: giantpandas12, sheep16, raven & raven.
- Card Puzzle: pharaohhounds17, sp-babypandas01 & raven.
- Tic Tac Toe: imperialeagles05, camarguehorses07 & kingpenguins17.
- Go Fish: siberianhuskies17.
- Pick a random: layouts04, sp-babyelephants02, create-red05 & raven.
- Spin the Wheel: tomatofrogs02, axolotls11, tomatofrogs02 & firesalamanders18.
- War: bluewingedwarblers04, pharaohhounds20, goldenretrievers09 & falcon.
- Slots: humpbackwhales13, seals13, africanelephants17 & tigerswallowtails11.
- Memory: lions06, icelandichorses02, raccoons01, sp-babydonkeys03 & raven.
- Upcoming Decks Vote: adders06, barbhorses16 & goats08.
- Melting Pot: exchanged in blackwidowspiders03 for kookaburras07.
- Melting Pot: exchanged in americanalligators04 for paperkitebutterflies11.
- Card Claim: cavalierspaniels04 & caterpillars02.
- Currency Freebies: raven, raven, falcon & raven.
- Card Claim: arcticfoxes05 & yorkshireterriers16.

- Freebies: ferrets19, blackbears16, australianshepherds04 & americanshorthaircats13.

Trade Logs

- Traded Mary: my cloudedleopards09 for cotonsdetulear12

- Traded Kayori: my alpacas05, alpacas08, alpacas16, barbhorses04, kingcobras09, leafyseadragons04, leafyseadragons08, leafyseadragons11, leafyseadragons14, leafyseadragons18 for canaandogs05, canaandogs18, canaandogs20, pinemartens05, pinemartens11, teacuppigs01, teacuppigs03, teacuppigs05, teacuppigs16, weasels03

- Traded Mary: my mf-dogs10 for bengaltigers08, blackpanthers19
- Traded Mary: my cloudedleopards08, cloudedleopards12, cloudedleopards13, greywolves08, greywolves17, greywolves20, kakapos03, kakapos04, kakapos09, kakapos12, mc-Lyn for humpbackwhales11, clownfish11, clownfish15, clownfish17, flamingos03, flamingos12, japanesecranes11, japanesecranes17, kingpenguins05, kingpenguins08, mc-Mary

- Traded Rosie-Louise: my sp-babyfennecfoxes02, sp-babyfennecfoxes05, sp-babyfennecfoxes07, sp-babyfennecfoxes08, sp-babyfennecfoxes10 for alaskanmalamutes13, alaskanmalamutes18, atlanticpuffins05, australianshepherds08, basenjis08, blackcats09, blackcats17, calicocats04, ferrets02, goldenhamsters11, mc-rosie-louise

- Traded Crissy: my compassjellyfish09, greywolves09, greywolves18, mc-Lyn for hummingbirds06, hummingbirds07, pinemartens02, mc-Crissy

- Traded Ashley: my whalesharks09, whalesharks13, whalesharks14, coconutcrabs08, blackwidowspiders05, blackwidowspiders10, blackwidowspiders11, blackwidowspiders14, blackwidowspiders20 for clownfish09, hummingbirds09, hummingbirds19, humpbackwhales20, redcardinals14, redcardinals16, sunparakeets19, orcas20, loggerheadturtles12
- Traded Kath: my zebras02, zebras11, zebras13, zebras17, zebras18, greywolves16 for sp-babybrownbears03, sp-babybrownbears09, apollobutterflies19, flamingos20, mc-Lyn

- Traded Jennifer: my africanwilddogs19, ringtailedlemurs05, ringtailedlemurs06 for westies03, sp-babypolarbears04
- Traded Cathy: my easternchipmunks18, compassjellyfishes07, compassjellyfishes12, compassjellyfishes16, compassjellyfishes17 for goldenretrievers18, goldenretrievers20, wombats02, wombats09, wombats15
- Traded Kath: my hedgehogs09, hedgehogs14, wolves01, wolves04, wolves15, wolves17, brownbears05, brownbears09, brownbears11, brownbears14, brownbears17, mc-Lyn for arcticfoxes04, butterflies02, calicocats03, clownfish03, clownfish16, weimaraner08, weimaraner09, dalmatians13, dalmatians14, dalmatians15, goldenretrievers02, mc-Kath

- Traded Jennifer: my blackpanthers04, blackpanthers05, blackpanthers08 for englishbulldogs08, dalmatians08, dolphins04
- Traded sujini: my whitetigers11, mf-cats04 for bluewingedwarblers05, bluewingedwarblers07, bluewingedwarblers20

- Traded sujini: my tonkinesecats06, tonkinesecats14, tonkinesecats16, tonkinesecats17, mc-Lyn for barnowls14, bluewingedwarblers04, bluewingedwarblers17, butterflies03, mc-Sujini

- Traded Crissy: my wolves08 for greathornedowls07

- Traded Randi: my blackpanthers04, mc-Lyn for hedgehogs07, mc-Randi
- Traded Jenny: my blackpanthers02, blackpanthers13, gerbils08, wolves20 for sp-babyfennecfoxes02, sp-babyfennecfoxes05

- Traded Frannie: my cloudedleopards17, cloudedleopards18, maincooncats03, maincooncats11, maincooncats13, maincooncats16, mantarays12, mantarays15, mantarays18, manxcats01, manxcats02, manxcats13, manxcats15, manxcats18 for sp-babyfennecfoxes01, sp-babyfennecfoxes06, butterflies04, butterflies10, butterflies15, dolphins14, easternchipmunks19, fennecfoxes09, giantpandas06, hummingbirds03, sunparakeets04, sunparakeets05

- Traded Shawnna: my blackpanthers10, cloudedleopards20, mc-Lyn for hedgehogs06, hedgehogs08, mc-shawnna
- Traded Kayori: my emperordragonflies05, emperordragonflies10, lakelandterriers08, mc-Lyn for bluewingedwarblers12, bluewingedwarblers15, burrowingowls14, mc-Kayori
- Traded Whitney: my africangreyparrots03, africangreyparrots07, africangreyparrots15 for hedgehogs14, hedgehogs15, owls12
- Traded Sealand: my ragamuffincats02, ragamuffincats06, ragamuffincats09, mc-Lyn for tawnyowls08, owls01, owls02, mc-Sealand

- Traded Sky: my wolves16 for orcas19
- Traded Sheva: my americanalligators15, blackbears15, komododragons18 for tawnyowls17, dalmatians17, loggerheadturtles17

- Traded Heather: my wheatenterriers02, wheatenterriers19, mc-Lyn for shihtzus05, tonkinesecats13

- Traded Sky: my wolves05, wolves13, mc-Lyn for tawnyowls01, orcas14, mc-Sky

- Traded Heather: my kerryblueterrier11, mc-Lyn for alpacas11, mc-Heather
- Traded Guinevere: my zebras01, mc-Lyn for easternchipmunks18, mc-Guinevere

- Traded Sheva: my americanalligators06, mc-Lyn for tawnyowls15, mc-Sheva
- Traded Saya: my blackpanthers04, blackpanthers11, mc-Lyn for sp-babyelephants02, mc-Saya
- Traded Nessa: my leopards02, mc-Lyn for tawnyowls09, mc-Nessa