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Total Cards: 164

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Activity Logs

- June 21st Update: s2-mrgold11, s2-mrgold19, s3-rumplestiltskin05, s3-rumplestiltskin08, s3-belle06, s3-belle04

- Upcoming Decks Vote: s1-trueloveskiss12, s3-thewaltz15, s1-jefferson19
- Peeptin: s2-belle10, s1-mrgold13, s2-mrgold18
- Hook's Combat: s2-reginamills13, s4-overtheborder06
- Puzzle: s4-overtheborder20, s1-belle09
- BlackJack: s2-mrgoldbelle13, s1-mrgold06
- Spin the Wheel: s1-landwithoutmagic09, s2-thecrocodile05
- Henry's Memory: s4-newdarkone20, s4-musclememory20, s1-charmingsnow03
- Slots: s4-taleoftwosisters18, s4-taleasoldastime19
- Freebies: s4-newdarkone14, s2-reginamills10
- Mr. Gold's Lottery: s1-priceofgold09, s4-anna11
- Tic Tock Clock: s1-snowwhite02, s2-mrgold02, s1-ruby09
- Mulan's Matching: s3-thewaltz17
- Card Puzzle: s3-robinhood18, s4-taleoftwosisters12

- June 15th Update: s1-priceofgold03, s1-priceofgold08, s1-snowwhite04, s1-snowwhite20
- Doubles Trade-In: s3-snowdrifts06 for s2-emmaswan10
- Doubles Trade-In: s1-belle13 for s3-snowdrifts06
- Doubles Trade-In: s1-belle19 for s1-belle13
- Doubles Trade-In: s2-evilqueen13, s1-emmaswan20, s4-shatteredsight03 for s1-belle19, s1-landwithoutmagic18, s1-priceofgold13
- Upcoming Decks Vote: s3-killianjones11, s1-reginamills15, s2-emmaswan05
- Peeptin: s3-killianjones17, s4-musclememory19, s1-priceofgold18
- Puzzle: s1-cinderella03, s1-princecharming07
- BlackJack: s1-ashleyboyd16, s4-cruelladevil12
- Spin the Wheel:s4-elsa08, s4-taleasoldastime18, s1-redridinghood04
- Henry's Memory: s4-shatteredsight03, s1-madhatter16, s4-newdarkone12
- Slots: s1-madhatter02, s1-davidmarymargaret09
- Freebies: s2-thecrocodile08, s4-elsa19
- Mr. Gold's Lottery: s3-truestbeliever13, s4-cruelladevil20
- Tic Tock Clock: s4-brokenvision03, s1-emmaswan20, s1-evilqueengenie11
- Mulan's Matching: s1-ashleyboyd03, s4-newdarkone16
- Card Puzzle: s2-evilqueen13, s3-reginarobin20

- Upcoming Decks Vote: s2-killianjones11, s4-shatteredsight14, s1-madhatter10
- Peeptin: s1-ashleyboyd15, s1-redridinghood18, s1-rumplestiltskin08
- BlackJack: s1-emmaswan02, s3-snowdrifts06
- Spin the Wheel: s2-reginamills07, s2-broken19
- Henry's Memory: s4-brokenvision16, s1-jefferson08, s2-killianjones07
- Slots: s4-musclememory18, s1-mrgold08
- Freebies: s1-evilqueen10, s2-killianemma07
- Mr. Gold's Lottery:s1-trueloveskiss02, s1-pilot11, s1-davidnolan04
- Tic Tock Clock: s3-killianjones06, s4-taleoftwosisters05, s4-anna07
- Card Puzzle: s1-redridinghood14, s1-trueloveskiss20

- May 30th Update: s2-belle13, s2-belle10, s3-reginarobin13, s3-reginarobin11, s1-trueloveskiss04, s1-trueloveskiss13
- Upcoming Decks Vote: s4-taleoftwosisters07, s4-brokenvision11, s4-maleficent19
- Peeptin: s1-snowfalls06, s1-ashleyboyd04, s2-thecrocodile12
- Hook's Combat: s1-evilqueen03, s1-charmingsnow18

- BlackJack: s4-anna11, s1-cinderella19
- Spin the Wheel:s1-davidmarymargaret09, s1-davidmarymargaret14, s1-ashleyboyd09
- Henry's Memory: s1-reginamills03, s1-belle13, s1-evilqueen05
- Slots: s3-truestbeliever16, s3-thewaltz16
- Freebies: s4-maleficent07, s1-evilqueengenie10
- Tic Tock Clock: s2-killianemma01, s1-mrgold02, s1-snowfalls03
- Card Puzzle: s1-emmaswan07, s4-elsa11

- Upcoming Decks Vote: s4-cruelladevil01, s1-evilqueen14, s4-shatteredsight01
- Peeptin: s1-davidnolan03, s1-evilqueengenie16, s4-taleoftwosisters06
- Hook's Combat: s1-rumplestiltskin01, s4-taleasoldastime20
- BlackJack: s4-elsa03, s1-princecharming03
- Spin the Wheel: s1-belle06, s2-evilqueen13, purple
- Henry's Memory: s1-charmingsnow08, s1-princecharming17, s4-anna04
- Slots: s1-jefferson01, s4-cruelladevil08
- Freebies: s1-belle19, s2-thecrocodile03
- Mr. Gold's Lottery: s3-snowdrifts11, s2-killianemma02
- Tic Tock Clock: s1-evilqueen09, s4-shatteredsight03, s4-anna12
- Card Puzzle: s1-evilqueengenie05, s2-killianjones17, purple

- Starter Pack: s2-mrgoldbelle13, s2-mrgoldbelle08, s2-mrgoldbelle11, s4-shatteredsight02, s2-thecrocodile11, s4-elsa01, s1-emmaswan20, s4-anna17, s1-landwithoutmagic12,

Trade Logs

- Traded Sujini: my s1-emmaswan07, s1-emmaswan20, s2-emmaswan05, s2-emmaswan10, s4-anna07, s4-anna11, mc-Lyn for s2-mrgoldbelle01, s2-mrgoldbelle17, s1-belle17, s1-landwithoutmagic03, s1-landwithoutmagic19, s1-landwithoutmagic20, mc-Sujini

- Traded Lex: my s1-evilqueen05, s1-reginamills03, Lyn for s2-mrgoldbelle05, s2-mrgoldbelle06, Lex
- Traded Breanne: my s1-davidmarymargaret09, s4-anna04, s4-shatteredsight01, Lyn for s1-landwithoutmagic17, s4-taleoftwosisters15, s4-taleoftwosisters18, Breanne

- Traded Jenny: my s4-cruelladevil01, s4-cruelladevil08, s1-princecharming03, s1-princecharming17, Lyn for s1-landwithoutmagic09, s1-landwithoutmagic02, s1-landwithoutmagic14, s2-thecrocodile01, Jenny