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Total Cards: 417

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Activity Logs

- Doubles Exchange: faultinourstars09 for yarn12
- Doubles Exchange: tea08, succulents02, puppies04, red15, snow04 for pokemoncards10, faultinourstars09, magicthegathering15, emergency09, dancing10
- Currency (5 of the same): aragornarwen07, aragornarwen12, bunnies05, newzealand07, quakerparrots04
- Mastered brave: aragornarwen05, aragornarwen09, drums12, easter12, damonsalvatore04, tangledeverafter10, lost-loophole01
- Currency (5 of the same): brave11, brave14, snow04, damonelena15, lipstick02
- March 15th Update: sophieellisbextor03, sophieellisbextor14, munchkin01, munchkin14, pokemoncards04, twd-daysgonebye15, iannina08, sophieellisbextor15
- Animals: trish11, damonelena10, socks09, rileybiers03 + ship
- Famous Male: red15, splendidsuns04, whiteroses15, twd-ripmerle01 + stars
- Choices: horses15, badidea11
- Guess The Food: clarinets07, peetakatniss13, corymonteith09, peetakatniss14 + moon+ moon
- Find Mario: justaftersunset09, crossstitch07, popfigures09 + earth+ rocket
- Famous Female: disneydreamps201, taylorkinney13, puppies04, kittens07 + ship
- Upcoming Decks Vote: snow09, redpandas08, guineapigs10 + ship+ stars
- Memory: cheesecake08, twd-whatliesahead13, bigbangtheory10
- Card Claim (March 19): 9thdoctor12, christmas10
- Lottery: polarbears05, venice07, twd-whatliesahead09, thewalkingdead12
- Higher Or Lower: paramore06, wow04 + stars
- Blackjack: lionking2-itisagirl05, goodenough11, damonelena02 + ship
- Quitters Pot (March 19): cedricdiggory01, chemicalromance05
- Freebies: chicks13, hmbacktonature03, yellow09, badidea10 + ship
- Tic Tac Toe: luiz10, weeds15 + rocket
- Melting Pot: Traded engagementrings02 for succulents02
- Melting Pot: Traded aperfectgetaway05 for newzealand14
- Wheel Of Fortune: jugs12, paprika04, weeds05, crochet11
- Slots: jonlee02, tea08, tnbc-thisishalloween03, otters05

Trade Logs

- Traded Bree: my drums15, eng-kuzcotopia09, horses06, horses08 for brave03, brave07, brave08, brave10
- Traded Jennifer: my lost10, lost-greatesthits15, rats06, waterfalls04, waterfalls06, waterfalls09, waterfalls11, mc-Lyn for aragornarwen02, aragornarwen03, aragornarwen13, arwen04, arwen06, arwen09, arwen11, mc-Jennifer

- Traded Emma: my yellow15, orange02, orange15, mc-Lyn for robbiewilliams02, robbiewilliams14, robbiewilliams15, mc-Emma
- Traded Cherry: my halestorm03, lost-onelittlekiss09, lost-wantedtobelieve03, luiz03, maximus09, mc-Lyn for robbiewilliams11, sclub702, aragornarwen01, aragornarwen08, aragornarwen14, disneydreamps302, mc-Cherry