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Total Cards: 235

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Your wand is 14ΒΌ inches Willow with Troll whisker core.

Activity Logs

- November 2nd Update: lastminutepoints19, theburrow01, riddikulus09, yuleball09, extendableears17, propertyof08, princestalept119, peverellbrothers20, propertyof15, notslytherin19, mc-Jane, lastminutepoints03, maraudersmap14, princestalept113, theburrow06, matchbegins16, notslytherin17, nopostonsunday04, lastminutepoints09, theburrow18, lastminutepoints01, princestalept110, princestalept203, princestalept308, flyinglesson01, mudblood19, mudblood06, chosenone14, chosenone04, hermionessecret18, hermionessecret09, 15thanniversary-gof11, 15thanniversary-gof15, lastminutepoints14, brewglory06, princestalept118, princestalept207, princestalept316, peverellbrothers12, quidditchlesson17
- Pumpkin Picking: CFcard21, CFcard04, CFcard35
- Upcoming Decks Vote: checkmate06, cockroach04, cockroach06, peverellbrothers16, wonderful01
- Melting Pot: princestalept103
- Melting Pot: jinxedbroom02
- Mirror of Erised: youvegotdirt12, backtothecup03
- Card Claim (November 8): celebrity09, matchbegins07
- Seamus' Slots: yuleball05, cafeattack12, escapee05, theexecution17, aftermath05, illgowithyou20, notslytherin11, sherbetlemon16, heartbroken16
- Trivia Half-Blood Prince: extendableears13, fourthchampion08, 13 Galleons
- Trivia Prisoner of Azkaban: wedding13, patheticallydim06, 12 Galleons
- Distorted Card: mudblood14, celebrity06, 11 Galleons, spiders
- War with the Weasleys: flyinglesson14, acrossthebridge14
- Horace Slughorn's Hangman: 15thanniversary-dh12, narcissamalfoy02, finalbattle20, cleverness02
- Freebies: flyingcar01, cleverness19, therightsort07, celebrity20 and chocolate frog
- Trivia Order of the Phoenix: pureblood08, misleading04, 11 Galleons
- Trivia Chamber of Secrets: cleverness16, dumbledorefalls01, 12 Galleons
- Sirius Blackjack: prisonerofazkaban16, sister09, yuleball13, princestalept120
- Trivia Deathly Hallows: gobletoffire02, cos-moviecover08, 13 Galleons
- Trivia Goblet of Fire: riddikulus04, cos-moviecover06, emmawatson17, 23 Galleons
- Trivia Philosophers Stone: trollboogies05, torture08, 10 Galleons
- Tonks' Tic-Tac-Toe: theburrow13, princestalept212, cos-moviecover08
- Grawp's Wheel: forbidden08
- Bertie Bott's Beans: evannalynch12, riddikulus12

- October 20th Update: lastminutepoints20, brewglory01, davidtennant03, gobletoffire10, halfbloodprince13, lastminutepoints02, kiss19, matchbegins01, halfbloodprince12, halfbloodprince04, ministerisdead15, ministerisdead19, 15thanniversary-poa11, 15thanniversary-poa03
- Hagrids Hut (10/29/2014): candy07, candy03
- Nearly Headless Nick (10/29/2014): token05, candy04, candy01
- Upcoming Decks Vote: buckbeak06, todiagonalley18, acidpops01, nopostonsunday08, checkmate11
- Melting Pot: matchbegins14
- Melting Pot: celebrity03
- Mirror of Erised: finalbattle19, wonderful08
- Find Trevor: thehearing15, katieleung07, nearlyheadless08, CFcard29
- Card Claim (October 29): harryattheorder10, theburrow09
- Seamus' Slots: unfairtactics16, princestalept106, checkmate10, forbidden16
- Distorted Card: kiss13, ootpsiriuspromo11, 11 Galleons, unicorn blood
- War with the Weasleys: secondtask10, perspective19
- Horace Slughorn's Hangman: evillittlecockroach14, king07, unfairtactics02, backtothecup17
- Freebies: dobbyswarning07, perspective09, worldcup01, harryattheorder04 and chocolate frog
- Trivia Order of the Phoenix: nymphadora20, illgowithyou16, 11 Galleons
- Trivia Chamber of Secrets: tomfelton03, patheticallydim17, 12 Galleons
- Hagrid's Eggs: wonderful02, wizardbank18, howler06, bigmistake09, rupertgrint06
- Sirius Blackjack: lastminutepoints13, brewglory13, dhronpromo15, modernmagic04
- Trivia Deathly Hallows: veela09, ootpsiriuspromo11, 13 Galleons
- Trivia Philosophers Stone: weasleys11, 15thanniversary-ootp15, 3 Galleons
- Tonks' Tic-Tac-Toe: lastminutepoints10, pureblood11, davidtennant05
- Grawp's Wheel: cheers04, maggiesmith20, matchbegins20
- Bertie Bott's Beans: halfbloodprince03, evannalynch06

- Pumpkin Picking: spoiledeverything11, detention05, dhronpromo01, secondtask12, thehearing19, knightbus16, CFcard01
- Upcoming Decks Vote: youvegotdirt17, abitdifferent19, matchbegins12, matchbegins04, hogwartsexpress13
- Mirror of Erised: celebrity06, ollivanders20
- Find Trevor: maraudersmap05, shesbeautiful19, trollboogies12, CFcard18
- Card Claim (October 18): events12, ollivanders06
- Seamus' Slots: ifitrains15, weasleys04, ootpsiriuspromo15, highinquisitor11
- Trivia Half-Blood Prince: bride02, mopingmoaningmyrtle06, 13 Galleons
- Trivia Prisoner of Azkaban: knightbus17, illgowithyou07, 7 Galleons
- Distorted Card: organized18, cleverness16, 11 Galleons, lacewing
- Horace Slughorn's Hangman: killedharrypotter13, ollivanders17, ss-poster06, emmawatson15
- Freebies: shesbeautiful14, patheticallydim14, flyingcar20, dhtriopromo11 and chocolate frog
- Trivia Order of the Phoenix: potioneer10, nopostonsunday20, 11 Galleons
- Trivia Chamber of Secrets: prisonerofazkaban17, todiagonalley04, 17 Galleons
- Sirius Blackjack: jinxedbroom08, danielradcliffe02, spoiledeverything18, mopingmoaningmyrtle20
- Trivia Deathly Hallows: shesbeautiful04, spoiledeverything18, 13 Galleons
- Trivia Goblet of Fire: howler10, misleading07, bride12, 23 Galleons
- Trivia Philosophers Stone: sister05, cockroach18, 7 Galleons
- Tonks' Tic-Tac-Toe: trollboogies17, shesbeautiful01, ootpsiriuspromo09
- Grawp's Wheel: abitdifferent02, gobletoffire09, theburrow16
- Bertie Bott's Beans: deathlyhallows114, wonderful03

- Starter Pack: lastminutepoints06, lastminutepoints11, lastminutepoints10, highinquisitor09, weasleys16, breakin05, imustnottelllies18, alanrickman05, occlumency17

Trade Logs

- Traded MoLi: my torture08 for cleverness01