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Total Cards: 140

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Activity Logs

- Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members
- Deck Release (2020-08-08): barnowls18, barnowls11, bismuth01, rubybonnets12,
- Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): rainbow03, venusflytraps18, dunes19, redspiderlilies12, whitetigers19, pumpkins07, emeralds05
- Games: fog09, moon10, +1 golds
- Melting Pot: Traded geysers01 for pumpkins17
- Melting Pot: Traded waterfalls01 for barnowls06
- Tree Planting: begonias19, dandelions05, fog01, rubybonnets07, horses17, lapislazuli08, horses15, oceans19
- Lucky Match: blackcats03, geysers01, +2 gold(s)
- Liffy\'s Vacation: giraffes15, forests05
- Black Jack: begonias19, amethyst09, venus02, nebulae20, +2 gold(s)
- Slots: fennecfoxes06, rubybonnets20, amethyst19, +1 gold(s)

- Tic Tac Toe ((Won)): giraffes11, begonias18, bettafish17, lapislazuli18, +2 gold(s)
- Memory: succulents15, fossils10, geysers01, waterfalls01, +2 gold(s)
- Freebies: silver07, geysers12, moon12, milkyway11, bamboo20, moon11, horses18, lava15, rubybonnets03, bamboo16, +10 gold(s)
- Harvesting (2 Ripe): jellyfish15, edelweiss06, barnowls04, pumpkins15, whitetigers14, geysers20, +4 gold(s)
- Card Claim: Claimed succulents01 and barnowls08
- Gift: ms-Lyn-prejoiner
- Donations: seaturtles01, clovers19, glaciers08, glaciers07, +4 golds

- Petrology: waterfalls07, moon02, pumpkins16, +2 gold(s)
- Botany: moon06, axolotls03, +2 gold(s)
- Zoology: rubies18, axolotls15, +1 gold(s)
- Leaf Fairy: clovers19, bettafish16, jellyfish18, waterfalls19, +2 gold(s)
- Old Oak: milkyway14, amethyst03, +2 gold(s)
- Treasure Hunt: jellyfish17, rainbow13
- Seed Packets: mainecoons07, amethyst14, +3 gold(s)
- Wheels ((Tree of Knowledge)): horses13, mountains08, succulents12, waterfalls01, pumpkins10, fennecfoxes11, +5 gold(s), +1 vial(s)
- Jigsaw: dunes09, glaciers19, +2 gold(s)
- Hangman: clovers13, northernlights08, bamboo02, oceans02, +1 gold(s)
- Freebies: glaciers06, succulents12, lavender01, moon19, nebulae20, +5 gold(s)
- Harvesting (1 Ripe): venusflytraps03, lapislazuli16
- Card Claim: Claimed fennecfoxes11 and succulents14
- Tree Planting: fossils07, lavender05, jellyfish13, deadsea16
- Gift: mc-Lyn, amethyst06, oceans16, bamboo12, jellyfish06, redfoxes08, +10 golds

- Freebies #1 (2020-08-01): cherryblossoms01, autumn02, pumpkins03, pumpkins04, cherryblossoms05, pumpkins06, forests07, forests08, jellyfish09, forests10, pumpkins11, autumn12
- Event Achievements: ec-prejoin, ec-august2020, ec-summer2020, ec-25decks, ec-50decks
- Starter Pack: autumn15, autumn11, autumn15, mountains18, horses19, giraffes13, lava03, lightning11, succulents15, mountains20

Trade Logs

- Traded Kayori: my horses15, horses17, horses18, horses19, rubies18, silver07, venus02, mc-Lyn for barnowls13, dunes20, lavender02, mountains06, northernlights18, pumpkins01, seaturtles14, mc-Kayori

- Traded Mysti: my glaciers07, mc-Lyn for amethyst13, mc-Mysti

- Traded Saya: my fossils07, lava15, oceans02, oceans16, rainbow03, rainbow13, mc-Lyn for autumn19, milkyway01, butterflies08, butterflies12, butterflies15, butterflies19, mc-Saya
- Traded Ramona: my bamboo02, bamboo12, bamboo16, bamboo20, blackcats03, mc-Lyn for autumn06, barnowls17, forests04, clovers12, clovers18, mc-Ramona

- Traded April: my jellyfish09, jellyfish13, jellyfish18, lava03, mc-Lyn for autumn04, autumn08, pumpkins14, mc-April, autumn12

- Traded Mio: my axolotls03, axolotls15, jellyfish06, jellyfish17, mc-Lyn for autumn13, amethyst05, cherryblossoms03, clovers04, mc-Mio
- Traded Hotaru: my fennecfoxes11, mc-Lyn for dunes07, mc-Hotaru
- Traded Ets: my autumn15, mc-Lyn for clovers05, mc-Ets