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Total Cards: 663

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x20 x14 x12 x2

Activity Logs

- Wheel of Regeneration: sp-tenthkisses06.
- Memory: a red dalek, s7-claraoswald14, f-episode14 & s7-roryamy09.
- Universal Slots: eighthdoctor05, s1-ninthdoctor14 & a blue dalek.
- Save the Roman: a blue dalek, s3-gettingout03 & noelclarke10.
- Freebies: thesilence19, thesnowmen11, s4-midnight02, s5-basicallyrun05 & a yellow dalek.

- Level Up: s1-youwerefantastic09, s5-thepandoricaopens14, s4-tenthrose10 & sp-lastnight01.
- Mastered s1-iwantchips: s1-youwerefantastic08, s2-doomsday04, mattsmith04, s1-rose19 & sp-firstnight07.
- Mastered s1-fathersday: s1-iwantchips04, s4-firesofpompeii14, s5-iamtalking10, s4-offwego10 & sp-series71promo07.
- September 27th Update: s1-ninthdoctor20, s1-endoftheworld15, s1-iwantchips07, s1-theunquietdead09, s1-youwerefantastic02, s1-thedoctordances18, s1-partingoftheways18, s1-insideherhead13, s1-runforyourlife10 & s1-iwantchips09.
- Wheel of Regeneration: sp-mattarthur08.
- Memory: a red dalek, s1-iamthebadwolf02, s4-midnight15 & christophereccleston16.
- Time War: a yellow dalek, s3-impossiblething12 & s3-marthajones06.
- Save the Roman: a blue dalek, cw-tillwemeetagain01 & f-character01.
- Universal Slots: s2-loveandmonsters08, s3-humannature19 & a blue dalek.
- Freebies: s6-goodmangoestowar17, secondjamie12, s1-youwerefantastic12, s3-sayinghello11 & a yellow dalek.
- Trenzalore: davidtennant06, s1-endoftheworld11, s2-rosetyler12, s1-youwerefantastic14 & s2-neverever07.
- Higher or Lower: s7-ameliasfarewell06 & s7-riversong15.
- Scavenger Hunt: s1-runforyourlife15, s6-goodmangoestowar13 & karengillan06.
- Shop: 12x blue & 1x yellow for s1-fathersday19, s1-iwantchips01 & s1-iwantchips03.

- Level Up: s1-fathersday04, billiepiper15, cw-tillwemeetagain14 & sp-tenthkisses06.
- Complete the Deck: s3-tenthdoctor09, eleventhcraig20, jackietyler20 & s6-eleventhdoctor11.
- September 20th Update: s7-roryamy09, s7-thatisafirst13, sp-mattarthur05, s4-midnight08, s6-stillbreathing14, s3-suchadventures06 & s1-fathersday12.
- September 13th Update: s1-insideherhead04, sp-invasionprequel05, s2-theimpossibleplanet11, thesnowmen07, s1-iamthebadwolf13, s3-theshakespearecode20, s1-iwantchips14, s1-ninthdoctor04, s1-fathersday10, s1-theunquietdead19, s1-endoftheworld13, s1-runforyourlife03 & mickeyrose17.
- Combat Prep: jenny08 & s1-likedancing15.
- The Doctor's World: cw-dontgofaraway01, s2-doomsday06 & a yellow dalek.
- Card in the Sky: johnbarrowman11, s6-dayofthemoon14 & a blue dalek.
- The Impossible Girl: s5-iamtalking04, eleventhcraig09 & a blue dalek.
- Card Match: s4-reallygreatyear09.
- Hunt Down River: s4-bigshock09, s5-vincentandthedoctor10, s2-solittletime09 & a blue dalek.
- Kissogram: strax01, s7-thepowerofthree02 & a yellow dalek.
- Wheel of Regeneration: sp-stamps01 & sp-timecrash06.
- Scavenger Hunt: thenextdoctor20, s7-imhuman15, s4-rosetyler07 & sp-firstnight03.
- Memory: s1-jackharkness07, s1-iwantchips10, s5-thelodger05 & a red dalek.
- Time War: s2-mysarahjane13, s5-iamtalking10 & a yellow dalek.
- Trenzalore: s1-endoftheworld17, s2-newearth04, s2-quiterighttoo09, s2-quiterighttoo15 & s2-toothandclaw08.
- Universal Slots: s7-ornotatall13, s6-thankyousweetie01 & a blue dalek.
- Save the Roman: s6-alasttime14, s5-victoryofthedaleks20 & a blue dalek.
- Freebies: s7-centerofthetardis18, s4-rosetyler03, s7-roryamy13, davidtennant09 & a yellow dalek.

- Mastered s1-likedancing: s1-fathersday18, s5-thepandoricaopens15, s5-greatestartist14, fifthtegan20 & sp-eleventhkisses09.
- September 6th Update: s1-runforyourlife15, s1-partingoftheways17, s2-theidiotslantern18, s6-dontletmein11, s6-amypond03 , sp-mattjenna03, f-episode09 & s1-ninthdoctor15.
- August 20th Update: s1-thedoctordances20, s4-firesofpompeii15, s6-eleventhamy19, sp-davidfreema03, s5-geronimo09, noelclarke02 & cw-shesmybestfriend03.
- Combat Prep: sp-firstnight07.
- The Doctor's World: s4-reunion04, seventhace19 & a yellow dalek.
- Card in the Sky: s6-roryamy05, s6-rorywilliams15 & a blue dalek.
- The Impossible Girl: a blue dalek, thirddoctor12 & s5-starrynight01.
- Word Scramble: s3-humannature06, s7-centerofthetardis04 & s2-theidiotslantern14.
- Card Match: s6-rorywilliams12, strax10 & a yellow dalek.
- Hunt Down River: s6-anaccident09, s6-thegodcomplex05, s1-mickeysmith17 & a blue dalek.
- Kissogram: s5-rorywilliams02, cw2-theromans15 & a yellow dalek.
- Wheel of Regeneration: sarahjanesmith16, s3-tenthmartha05 & s1-youwerefantastic06.
- Memory: s6-riversong13, cw12-genesisofthedaleks18, s6-weddingofriversong03 & a red dalek.
- Universal Slots: catherinetate15, s5-thelodger04 & a blue dalek.
- Save the Roman: s3-ducknow01, sixthdoctor09 & a blue dalek.
- Trenzalore: s1-endoftheworld09, s2-neverever03, s2-newearth18 & s2-newearth19.
- Upcoming Deck Votes: s3-completelymad11, s1-runforyourlife08, freemaagyeman08 & $5.
- Shop: $125 for s1-likedancing15, s1-fathersday08 & s1-fathersday11.
- Freebies: freemaagyeman20, s7-impossiblegirl06, thenextdoctor20, s2-solittletime15 & a yellow dalek,

Trade Logs

- Traded Annie: my alexkingston14, s6-eleventhriver06, s6-eleventhriver11, s6-eleventhriver15, fourthsarahjane16, s5-honeyimhome14, s6-impossibleastronaut02, johnbarrowman11, s2-mysarahjane10, s2-mysarahjane13, s6-riversong18, s7-riversong15, sarahjanesmith16, sarahjanesmith18, secondjamie12, s6-thankyousweetie01, s1-youwerefantastic06, sp-stamps01, mc-Lyn for christophereccleston19, s1-endoftheworld12, s1-endoftheworld19, s1-iamthebadwolf11, s2-ibelieveinher04, s2-ibelieveinher08, s1-partingoftheways09, s1-runforyourlife12, s2-tenthdoctor02, s2-tenthrose01, s2-tenthrose04, s2-tenthrose10, s4-tenthrose12, s2-theidiotslantern04, s1-theunquietdead16, s1-theunquietdead17, s2-toothandclaw19, sp-davidbillie10, mc-Annie

- Traded Card Swap: my seventhace19, s5-thelodger04 for billiepiper13, s2-newearth15
- Traded Ivy: my s3-marthajones06, s3-marthajones09 for s1-ninthdoctor06, s2-newearth10
- Traded Meg: my s1-ninthrose04, s1-ninthrose13, s3-blink20, s3-humannature06, s3-humannature12 for s1-jackharkness09, s2-newearth06, s3-jackharkness13, s3-jackharkness16, s5-basicallyrun08

- Traded Card Swap: my s1-endoftheworld03, s2-loveandmonsters11 for s1-theunquietdead07, s4-tenthrose03
- Traded Jess: my s5-geronimo09, s6-dayofthemoon03, s6-riversong13, s7-nameofthedoctor07 for christmasinvasion15, catherinetate12, christophereccleston13, johnbarrowman01

- Traded indiarose: my s3-thefamilyofblood17, s5-eleventhamy08, s6-dayofthemoon01, f-character05, f-episode09, s3-completelymad11, s3-completelymad14, s4-offwego01, s5-theeleventhhour05, s6-impossibleastronaut06, s6-impossibleastronaut08, s6-impossibleastronaut17 for s1-fathersday06, s2-toothandclaw01, s2-toothandclaw06, s2-toothandclaw07, s2-toothandclaw09, s7-monksarenotcool01, s7-monksarenotcool13, s7-monksarenotcool15, s1-endoftheworld02, s2-newearth08, s2-newearth09, s2-newearth12

- Traded Card Swap: my s4-partnersincrime03, zoeheriot04 for s1-ninthdoctor17, s2-neverever10

- Traded Meg: my cw-shesmybestfriend09, cw-tillwemeetagain07, cw-tillwemeetagain15, fourthsarahjane01 for billiepiper05, christophereccleston11, davidtennant08, davidtennant14
- Traded Card Swap: my harrietjones15, cw-tillwemeetagain07 for s1-iwantchips12, billiepiper16

- Traded Card Swap: my sp-firstnight08 for sp-stamps08
- Traded Jennifer: my s4-tenthwilfred17 for s1-rose11

- Traded Card Swap: my cw1-theaztecs16, s3-illsaveyou08 for s1-rose07, s3-jackharkness03
- Traded Gato: my s2-newearth05 for s1-iwantchips02
- Traded Rahenna: my s2-mysarahjane11 for s1-rose01
- Traded Danielle: my s5-trustme01, s5-trustme12, s5-trustme15, s5-victoryofthedaleks10, s6-eleventhriver11, s6-howdoilook10, mc-Lyn for s1-ninthrose14, s1-likedancing12, s1-likedancing14, s1-youwerefantastic11, s2-tenthrose16, s2-tenthrose18, mc-Danielle

- Traded india rose: my s3-blink01, s3-humannature06, sp-upallnight03, thedaleks01 for s1-ninthrose03, s5-greatestartist05, s1-likedancing10, sp-stamps07

- Traded Meg: my s3-blink11, s5-thepandoricaopens01, weepingangels11, member-Lyn for christophereccleston05, s1-rose09, s7-claraoswald02, mc-Meg
- Traded Card Swap: my s3-illsaveyou09, s5-victoryofthedaleks05 for s1-likedancing09, s1-iwantchips05

- Traded Jess: my s7-ornotatall07 for s2-toothandclaw03

- Traded card swap: my s3-smithandjones16, s5-victoryofthedaleks18 for s1-ninthdoctor05, s2-toothandclaw15
- Traded Gato: my s2-tenthdoctor16, mc-Lyn for christmasinvasion12, mc-Gato
- Traded Jess: my s6-weddingofriversong18, s6-thankyousweetie01 for s1-ninthrose04, s1-theunquietdead15
- Traded india rose: my s4-turnleft07, s4-turnleft12, s4-turnleft15 for s1-ninthrose09, christmasinvasion14, christmasinvasion20

- Traded Jess: my s6-eleventhriver11 for s1-ninthrose19
- Traded Rahenna: my strax02, strax20 for s2-newearth07, christmasinvasion18
- Traded shert: my s6-eleventhriver03 for firstdoctor08