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Activity Logs

- Mastered robinhood: maidmarian02, maidmarian15, piglet03, conan09, yamiyugi06
- Level Up: maidmarian08, iago01, dory01
- August 19h Update: robinhood12, maidmarian09, piglet15, piglet02, snoopy03, mabel04, maidmarian13, merlin12, madhatter05, madhatter03, darkwingduck01, mabel15, eeyore08, merlin03, webby05, webby09, beetlejuice11, beetlejuice03, pocahontas14, pocahontas02, bolt05, bolt14

- Top Bar Freebies: jasmine09
- Wilt Vs Bloo (8): , chihiro13, toph01, charlie12, 0 points
- Yzmas Lever: samuraijack10, liloandstitchcharacters10, 10 points
- Uncle Irohs Quotes: madhatter06, pikachu07, 5 points
- Tazs Titles: dw01, megara14, 5 points
- Sebastians Tunes: theevilqueen11, mushu08, 5 points
- Sabrinas Closet: aladdin15, ducky10, 5 points
- Rileys Memory Bank: theodore14, brittany14
- Kuzcos Wager: blu03
- Goofys Mix Up: ichigo13, twilightsparkle15, maidmarian14, shiro01, 10 points
- Dave and Ping Pongs Matches: scoobydoo10, chickenlittle15, 10 points
- Chowders Chowdown: disgust08, marceline06
- Chips Chips: peterpan03, gumball13, 5 points
- Ariels Song: nani06, katara03, 5 points
- Uncle Scrooges Lottery: minnie12, merida12, 5 points
- Tarzans Tic Tac Toe: dougcharacters02
- Peter Pans Shadow: frankie, jane08
- Dexters Lab Code: alice02

- Wilt Vs Bloo (7): , zuko08, 0 points
- Doubles Exchange: max205 for grim08
- Level Up: robinhood02, jane12, scoobydoo01
- July 20th Update: robinhood05, robinhood08, brittany01, brittany12, cogsworth07, cogsworth12, grumpy01, grumpy14, iago03, iago12, riley14, riley05, yzma14, yzma13
- Wonder Woman Lasso: phineas07, rocko15, azula12, coraline14, 10 points
- Rockos Rock Paper Scissors: courage08, azula06, 10 points
- Gus Gus Giveaway: arthur06, wallabeebeatles07, hiccup13, aladdincharacters04, doug04
- Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?: hades13, stitch05
- Velmas Vision: aang14, dougcharacters07, 5 points
- Swiper! No Swiping!: abu10, horton09
- The Pagemasters Books: simba02, max205, theodore13
- Mr Ratburns Quiz: coraline07, yugi07
- Maxs Hi Dad Soup: beast01, omi15
- Jimmy Neutrons Voice Decoder: entrapta06, stitch07, 5 points
- Jackies Blackjack: mickey02, garfield03, sailormoon09
- HeMans Hangman: bobby11, mickey11
- Ed, Edd, Eddy: goofy08, pegasus10, mabel12
- Cliffords Cards: rainbowdash04, aang12
- Beasts Magic Mirror: zuko11, riley03, 5 points
- Andy's Mr. Potato Head: ren05,
- Uncle Scrooges Lottery: toystorycharacters07, 5 points
- Tarzans Tic Tac Toe: sally12
- Peter Pans Shadow: theodore14, marvin01, 10 points
- Dexters Lab Code: gaston15
- Freebies: poohbear11
- Referrals: , chel02, merlin09, 0 points
- Wilt Vs Bloo (6): , cheshirecat07, chuckie07, pikachu10, 5 points

- Doubles Exchange: starfire12, pidge11, pjberri03 for megara13, aliceinwonderlandcharacters13, kuzco03

- July 22nd Update: jane14, alvin10, snowwhite03, charlie15, babyanimal03, jasmine03, robinhood09, robinhood01, maidmarian07, babykermit06, maidmarian05, maleficent13, maleficent10, merlin09, aliceinwonderlandcharacters09, aliceinwonderlandcharacters04, chihiro10, chihiro04, eeyore09, eeyore15, goofy11, goofy10, kiki02, kiki08, rajah09, rajah14
- Freebies: simba05
- Rockos Rock Paper Scissors: judy12, mavis11, 10 points
- Gus Gus Giveaway: garnet14, elsa11, kenny09, angelica13, tails09
- Sebastians Tunes: jasmine06, atlacharacters12, 5 points
- Yzmas Lever: garnet06, simba03, arnold13, 5 points
- Uncle Irohs Quotes: jewel01, liloandstitchcharacters07, 5 points
- Tazs Titles: sally08, skeeter03, 5 points
- Scooby Doo Where Are You: ariel09, pjberri03
- Sabrinas Closet: pidge11, patti05, 5 points
- Kuzcos Wager: scoobydoo13, coraline06, 5 points
- Goofys Mix Up: max05, mf-male10, littlefoot15, thelandbeforetimecharacters04, 10 points
- Dave and Ping Pongs Matches dougcharacters12, bubbles01, 10 points
- Chowders Chowdown: moana11, kronk05
- Ariels Song: babykermit12, starfire12, 5 points
- Tarzans Tic Tac Toe azula01
- Peter Pans Shadow: rapunzel06, dw05, 10 points
- Mickey's Matches: danny15
- Dexters Lab Code moana13

- Doubles Exchange: pidge13 for nani02
- Uncle Scrooge's Lottery: beebe15
- Tarzans Tic Tac Toe lottie05
- Peter Pans Shadow: toystorycharacters02, billy08, 10 points
- Dexters Lab Code peterpan06
- July 16th Update: po11, chel15, theodore08, usagi06, beebe08, nani08, snowwhite06, wooldoor08, kronk03, cheshirecat06, katara06, pidge13, baymax06, pidge13, samuraijack08, blu15, toystorycharacters09, buzzlightyear02, babyanimal12

- Sonic's Power Rings (2): wooldoor07, bugsbunny07
- Bob the Builder (Round 2 #2): doug12, shrek12

- Birthday Rewards: poohbear10, frankie12, cruella10, elsa14, robinhood03
- Toon of the Week:: pussinboots06, skeeter06, piglet07, maleficent03, robinhood06
- July 8th Update: events12, maleficent11, maleficent04, sailormoon12, sailormoon10, peterpan03, peterpan12, princenaveen08, princenaveen02, rapunzel11, rapunzel02, dougcharacters07, thelandbeforetimecharacters02, thelandbeforetimecharacters04, toystorycharacters15, toystorycharacters07, bart15, billy10, dw11, gaston09, jewel14, patrick14, rugratscharacters11, kelsey03, dw13
- Beast's Magic Mirror: azula05, ginger15
- Andy's Mr. Potato Head: stitch10, mickey01, horton15
- Uncle Scrooge's Lottery: boo04
- Bob the Builder (Round 2): ashketchum01, timmy12
- Wilt Vs Bloo (5): roxanne02, cinderella01, snoopy15
- Tarzans Tic Tac Toe macie09
- Peter Pans Shadow: catnoir04, genie15, 10 points
- Dexters Lab Code hercules02

- Doubles Exchange: pjberri13 for kurama01
- Level Up: robinhood07, mf-male14, starfire12
- July Forum Freebies: maidmarian03, maidmarian06, piglet13, tiana02, mickey14
- Fourth of July Freebies: robinhood04, maidmarian04, merlin04, merida04
- Care Bear Round Up (Friend Bear): usagi10, ducky11, mavis09, sharon12, jack13, spongebob09, kronk13, roger10, fred02, chickenlittle07
- Care Bear Round Up (Cheer Bear): kurama03, merlin02, nala14, red02, buzzlightyear09, bugsbunny11, piglet14, tiana15, cinderella09, omi04
- Care Bear Round Up (Brave Heart)L starfire13, kiksanban06, piglet11, maidmarian01, penny05, frankie02, beebe05, will05, bopeep06, elsa10
- Care Bear Round Up (Harmony Bear): usagi05, jade10, po04, minto05, helga09, garnet11, moana09, helga08, lottie15, conan03
- Care Bear Round Up (Love A Lot Bear): littlefoot07, melody05, boo15, anna03, moana03, minto02, theodore03, scoobydoo14, madhatter12, robinhood11
- Care Bear Round Up (Funshine Bear): garfield05, chowder15, anna14, pegasus02, tails06, tommy10, cheshirecat04, wallabeebeatles03, muppetbabiescharacters01, kenny08
- Care Bear Round Up (Grumpy Bear): beast03, pikachu10, grim12, pennyproud15, tinkerbell14, mickey15, jade13, po03, abu05, arthur04
- Care Bear Round Up (Good Luck Bear): abu02, kim14, cheshirecat02, ariel10, babyanimal05, pidge10, batman11, bugsbunny12, flapjack13, ichigo07
- Got my member card
- Wonder Woman Lasso: wallabeebeatles06, danny03, pjberri13, belle08, 10 points
- Rockos Rock Paper Scissors: arnold12, simon14, 10 points
- Gus Gus Giveaway: mushu03, baymax10, boo14, winniethepoohcharacters13, cruella01
- Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?: pjberri13, lottie08
- Velma's Vision: boo02, nala14
- Swiper! No Swiping!: arthur05, darkwingduck04

- Mr. Ratburn's Pop Quiz: jazmine02, mowgli15
- The Pagemasters Books: entrapta04, cinderella04, max205
- Jimmy Neutron's Voice Decoder: buzzlightyear01, alice09
- Jackies Blackjack: tigger11, roxanne05, pjberri03
- HeMans Hangman: jack07, sonic08
- Ed, Edd, Eddy: timmy05, boo12, mandy13
- Doug's Journal: nani02, kurama13
- Clifford's Cards: abbey05, courage10
- Beast's Magic Mirror: miguel04, tails04
- Andy's Mr. Potato Head: skeeter07, disgust14, beebe12
- Yzmas Lever: stimpy14, 10 points
- Uncle Irohs Quotes: mabel14, tinkerbell05, 5 points
- Tazs Titles: kaiba14, catnoir10, 5 points
- Sebastians Tunes: entrapta11, lydia01, 5 points
- Sabrinas Closet: azula09, pussinboots11, 5 points
- Rileys Memory Bank: judy10, bubbie12
- Kuzcos Wager: pidge11, beebe01, 5 points
- Goofys Mix Up: ashketchum05, babykermit12, minnie05, jade02, 10 points
- Dave and Ping Pongs Matches wallabeebeatles04, sonic04, 10 points
- Chowders Chowdown: tulio03, fry13
- Ariels Song: shrek06, pepperann09, 5 points
- Uncle Scrooge's Lottery: alice03, tigger09
- Tarzans Tic Tac Toe: pennyproud01
- Peter Pans Shadow: mabel01, anna14, 10 points
- Dexters Lab Code: angelica06

- Starter Pack: robinhood14, robinhood13, robinhood15, robinhood10, babypiggy03, simba02, robinhood13, bugsbunny13, katara13, winniethepoohcharacters07, max201, llawliet15

Trade Logs

- Traded Nessa: my mavis09, angelica06, bart15, bugsbunny07, bugsbunny12, bugsbunny13, melody05, patrick14, rugratscharacters11, sonic04, tails04, tommy10, mc-Lyn for anna02, beebe07, babypiggy06, boo01, boo10, ducky01, ducky07, lottie12, peterpan11, mushu10, mushu12, mushu15, mc-Nessa

- Traded Fleur: my arthur04, arthur05, mc-Lyn for doug05, doug10, mc-Fleur

- Traded Chives: my minto05, ashketchum05, danny03, frankie02, frankie12, kaiba14, kikisanban06, kim14, mandy13, mc-Lyn for anna04, anna08, jasmine06, kronk09, mickey13, minnie03, piglet04, simon04, snoopy05, mc-chives

- Traded Syara: my bopeep06, mc-Lyn for abu09, mc-Syara
- Traded Catherine: my pussinboots11, spongebob09, mc-Lyn for maidmarian11, alice15, mc-Catherine